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There are a lot of ways to make money online.  If you work at your online business over time, like any business, you may be able to make enough money to make a living!

Basically you have three options to begin with: You can either Sell your Products/Services online, Sell the Products/Services of others or BOTH!

If you have your own products/service already, you simply need to build a web site to tell consumers about your products/services & then promote your site in order to let consumers know where it is.  Consumers can't find your store (site) if you don't tell them where it is!  If you don't have your own products/services to sell - then you can create your own products/services to sell on the global internet!  How?  Find a need & fill it!  Or improve an existing product!  Invent a new product/service that fills a need.

Selling the Products/Services of others on your site can be easily achieved!  You can join affiliate programs that will pay you a commission on sales!  And of course you can do both of these!

In a Nutshell - You have to build a store on the internet, stock it with your products/services, & tell people where to find it & why they might want to go there!  The site is open 24-7 telling people about your products/services & processing orders.  Secure electronic payments (credit card transactions for example) can be handled by organizations like Pay Pal!

There are also many different ways to advertise your site in order to get consumers to visit your site & hopefully purchase your products/services.  You can even advertise several ways for free!

There are many ways to advertise for free to include: Submitting to Search Engines, writing Articles & posting them online with links to your site, placing free ads online, advertising on cafe shops with a free shop, posting messages on message boards with a link to your site in your signature, or just telling people about your site.  A short & simple domain name (web address to your site) can help your potential customers remember & find your site online. 

Need a product to sell?  Create your own info-product!  Just about everyone knows something that others would be willing to pay a little money for.  Information sells on the internet!  Did you ever hear the tale about the "Pickle Recipe" that made someone hundreds of dollars?  Well, the story is that someone put their family's pickle recipe up for sale by placing an ad in the newspaper & sold many copies.  I don't know if it is true but logically the same is possible with the internet.  A person could place an ad on the internet in the form of a web site submitted to & lised by the search engines.  Potential consumers from all over the world could then find their recipe & send them money for an electronic copy (via email) of the recipe!

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