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Examples (How to make money online!)
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Here are a few examples of how to make money online.

- Click Bank

Click Bank provides a service that allows individuals to make their digital products & services available to consumers through affiliate links. So if you have a digital product, you can sign up with click bank & make your product or service available to over 100 thousand affiliate sites.

If the affiliates choose to sell your product/service on their sites, they will receive a commission for each sale!  This employs others to sell your product or service!  The more resellers that you have = the more sales that you should make.  And you dont have to make a digital product (like an e-book for example) but one time & then you sell it over & over again!  Click Bank has over 10,000 digital products/services & over 100 thousand affiliates!

- Cafe Shops

Café Press provides a service that allows individuals to put their art, photos, logos, etc. on their approximately 50 products & sell them!  These are quality products like Haness Beefy tees and their printing will last a long time as compared to cheaper screen printing t-shirts that you find on the internet.

Note: MLM & other systems to make money:  I do not know if these work, some may, but most look very questionable.  I have not tried any of them simply because I will not make money at the expense of others by getting them to sign up so that I can make money on them signing up!  I choose to sell quality products & services that make the world a better place. 

Here are a few tips for promoting your products & services for free!


-         Brave Net Greeting Cards!  Send a picture of your product or service through the mail with a link to your site!

-         Submit to search engines & directories like Google & Yahoo!  They say that you have to pay to get listed in Yahoo but many of my web pages are listed & I didnt pay a dime!


Heres how to make a digital product:


-         The free way- Write a book in word & sell it on Café Shops as an info product on a compact disc!  For example, nearly every family has a recipe that could be compiled into an info product & put up for sale on the web!  A recipe could be nothing more than a word document with a picture of the meal for the cover.  Of course, the preferred method is to purchase e-book software & create an e-book.  Here is an affordable e-book program but there are many others!


-         Locate a copy of Photo Shop & create your own digital art for use on t-shirts & other products through café shops.




Stay tuned & Ill keep you updated!  If you would like to see my site - you can go to  The site is new & under construction but the products & services offered are fully functional & ready for purchase. 

- EBAY!  More info later.  Put your products (even things around your home) in this market place which has millions of hits each day (approx. 8 million per day)