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How To Sell - Ship & Collect Payment
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How To Sell - Build a web site or pay someone to build one for you. You can get started for free with a free site (with a banner) or you can spend as little as $5.00 per month (no banner) for hosting through companies like tripod.  The host is where your web site will occupy space - it lives there!  For about $8.95 monthly, you can get your own domain name! (  

So, you sell by putting your products or services on a web site & getting it listed on the search engines.  Search Engine submission - use my search page & search the internet for their requirements.  For example, go to & check with them to see how to submit your site.  It is easy so don't get discouraged. See the bottom of this page for more selling using search engines & articles!

Ebay is a market place with millions of visitors each day and you do not need a web site or to be listed on the search engines.  I'm just learning Ebay myself but I already know a few thing that others might be able to use.

For example: You can determin the market value of a product by using the Ebay refined search.  Search for the product using the necessary information (make and model for example) and check the box titled "completed".  This will allow you to see the sales of this product and based on the sales, you should be able to tell the approximate market value. 

What if you don't have a product or service?  Make one! See Cafeshops. 

Shipping: Small packages can be mailed through the Post Office or any Fedx or UPS location.  You should probably call around before shipping to compare prices.  You will need to box up your package & then get the measurements of the box (width-length-height).  You will need the zip code that you are shipping from & to.  You will also need the approximate weight of the package.  Guess or put it on your bathroom scales for a close estimation.  Oversized packages like say 6 foot or over (check with the shipping company for their length limit).  Note: You don't have to worry about shipping with Cafe shops because they ship the package to the customer.

Collect Payment:  There are several options that you can find using the search page & key words like "accept credit cards". Personally, I like PayPal for accepting credit card payments. You can also receive checks & money orders through a mailing address like a PO Box.

Search Engine Submission:


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Submit Articles to sell your product or service:

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More information & links will be added so check back in the near future!