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In order to get your site listed with the search engines you have to submit your entire site address to the search engines.   However, you should optomize your site (web pages) before submitting.  To find information on web page optimazation, you can search the search engines like google using the key words "web page optimization" for example.  There are web sites on the net that will tell you how to do this in order to get a high ranking in the search engines.  People normally only search the first 2 pagees so a high ranking is necessary.  Try for great free info. 

Then submit your site every 2 to 4 weeks to the links below and in a month or two you should start showing up on some of the search engines.  Hint: Use a free counter from brave net on your site to track your visitors to see where they are coming from.  This will alow you to see when you start getting traffic from the search engines. Note: Do not over submit or try to manipulate the search engines in any way or you may get banned!

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