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* Free Cafeshop 

Cafeshops offers free "basic" cafeshops.  Please let me know if you would like me to build a basic or premium cafeshop for you!  Just contact me for current pricing.

* Free Web Site

Your Choices:

A: Go to any of several places and build and host your own site for free!,, and many others. Use my search page and the key words "free web site" and you will find many! A free site will allow you to put your mailing address (to receive checks and money orders) on the site but will not likely allow you to set up credit card transactions.

B: Choose from other plans with Tripod - For example, for $8.95 a month you can get the Pro Plan which includes your a domain name and more!  There is a $15.00 service fee but this looks like the best deal to me.

Check out the plans for yourself here: