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Here is how Elite Carpentry manages to sell their superior product over the internet:

The web pages were built using Tripod's site builder & their templates.

The sites were then submitted to all of the major search engines so that the consumers looking for window boxes would be able to find his boxes. Use my search page & search for "elite carpentry" & you will see that we have many sites out there - ready for more products like information products through click bank & cafe shops.  Cafe Shops prints books now or so I have been told. 

The Elite Carpentry Rot Repair & Prevention/Window Box site accepts payments in the form of Checks & Money Orders through the PO Box & Secure Credit Card Transactions through PayPal.  Not having the ability to accept credit card payments would result in the loss of many sales since many people purchase based on emotion. 

There are also articles on Window Boxes that have been submitted to websits & eventually will be picked up & used by web sites & ezines for free content. The links in the article direct people to his site. Idea Marketers, for example, has one of his Window Box articles. Click this link & search for Window Boxes (Author - James Thomas)

So, the web site is like your store (with your products) & you send people to your site by telling people about it & the reason that they would want to go there!  You can advertise your site to tell others about it several ways from getting listed on search engines & publishing articles to paying for advertising!