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How To Find a Date or a Mate!


When looking for that someone special, one needs to play the numbers game & consider as many offers & possibilities as possible in order to have the best chance of finding the right person.  Some may disagree & point to arranged marriages that have lasted for life times but personally, I think that choosing ones own partner is the best way to find someone compatible.


In order to get offers from other singles, one needs to advertise ones availability!  And one also needs a way for those interested to make their offers or advances indirectly & therefore without embarrassment.  For example, an anonymous (free) email at hotmail or any place that offers free e-mail could be used to receive such offers anonymously.  Your email can be anything but preferably something short & memorable.


So, now you have an anonymous & free way to receive offers but how do you advertise your availability?  How about a mobile & silent bulletin board that goes every where that you go!  A message board that tells that cute guy or girl that you meet eyes with HOW TO CONTACT YOU!  Cant afford such a message board?  Sure you can!  All you need is a t-shirt to do the Job!


A t-shirt to announce your availability & an anonymous email address to receive offers!  A t-shirt is a silent way to say a great deal without any embarrassment!


Send me your email & I will put it on a shirt just for you!  Find a Date or a Mate today!