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$99 Special Details


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Easy as 1-2-3!

1 - Get a Web Site

2 - Get a Cafe Shop

3 - Get on the Internet!

Special Details:

Basic Web Site setup = $50.00

Basic Web Site includes a multi-page site with one image & a discription.  The site is linked to the Cafe Shop & purchases can take place there.  You can advertise your business or sell products as an entrepreneur!  For example, put your family recipie on a cafe shops cd & put it up for sale!

Basic Cafe Shops setup = $50.00

Cafe Shop set up includes the resizing of one image ($25.00) & placing that image on 4 tshirts ($25.00).  Cafe shop is linked to the web site unless specified other wise.

Click here to see their prices at Cafe Shops (see for yourself!)

Summary of the $99.00 Special:  If you add up everything above that you get in this deal:

1. Multi Page Web site ($50)

2. Cafe Shop ($50)

Logo Design ($50)

Domain Name (your company name) ($35 Paid to Tripod)

Hosting ($5 Paid to Tripod)

Service fee ($10 Paid to Tripod)

You will see that the cost to you would be $200.00 but I am willing to do all of this for you for only $49.00 labor and $50.00 in fees paid to Tripod for the domain name and hosting.  So act now and contact me because this price will go up!

Resume: Sites Shops & Images

Email me for more information & payment details.