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Web Sites, Cafe Shops & Images that I have built:

Auto Racing Photos

The Entrepreneur Catalogue

Happy Friday and Sad Monday!

The Cool Shirt Store

Attitude Shirt

Fine Art Photos 35 mm

Artist and photographer in Georgia.

This Political Art is by author, Travis Patriot, author and political artist, somewhere in the US.

Date Me! I'm Available & considering all offers!

Dog and Cat Photos

Photos by a photographer in Florida.

Need to say or advertise something?  These sites & images were requested & supplied by me to people who had something to say or advertise.


Shh, I'm hunting Weapons of Mass Destwuction

Save the Dairy!

Everyone Loves an Italian Girl!

I am Cool Like That!

Oops! I Forgot to get a JOB!

Somewhere in Texas a village is missing an IDIOT!